Turtle House was born out of a desire to provide herbal remedies to improve quality of life.

We believe that prevention is the vanguard of health and so we focus on the body’s own capacity to heal and repair itself. The tools most valued in holistic medicine are those that can assist the body in maintaining balance and enhance its own healing mechanisms.

In this way, herbalists are like gardeners. The gardener is not a “fixer” of things so much as an ally. He or she nurtures, enhances, and works with the natural system, but does not try to control it. A garden is a system that’s alive, and the rule of herbalism is to cultivate life.

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Herbs & Medicinal Teas

Discover our range of herbal teas, meticulously formulated by herbalists to provide relief for the unbalanced body. Indulge in a rich culture and holistic way of healing, reviving years of trusted remedies.

Hemp & Medical Cannabis

Cannabis has proven itself throughout history to have exceptional healing properties. It is gradually being recognized in modern society as an acceptable medicinal herb to relieve, and sometimes cure even the most tragic illnesses.

Hazy Shakes Café

Many of our products are available to try in store, along with some other yummy treats.

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