To provide personalized healthcare by making use of quality herbs and natural products.

We aim to provide herbal remedies to improve our patient’s quality of life, be it to treat a condition or ailment, or to just ensure continuity of health and well-being.




The holistic model used by our Herbalists views prevention as the vanguard of health and focuses on the body’s own capacity to heal and repair itself. Symptoms are not equated with the underlying basis of disease. The tools most valued in holistic medicine are therefore those that can promote the “good”, assist the body in maintaining balance and enhance its own healing mechanisms. Those tools include the plants and nature cure strategies that make up our medicine chest.

Herbalists are like gardeners. The gardener is not “fixer” of things so much as an ally: he or she nurtures, promotes, enhances, and works with the garden, but does not try to control it. A garden is a system that’s alive, and the rule of herbalism is to cultivate life.

Herbology is not a cure-all for all health problems. It suggests that what herbalism might work for, is limited to those conditions that are sometimes termed ‘organic’ diseases – [caused by the insects]. Referring to bodily sickness, injury or disease.

Knowing the nature and cause of a health problem is fundamental to developing a treatment protocol. There is no point in trying to use a treatment for something which is way beyond its natural abilities. To this end family herbalists spend considerable time studying the nature and cause of disease. Or why we get sick.




We aim to bring prosperity to our local community by assisting in the knowledge of herbal medicine, encouraging horticulture, succeeding in entrepreneurship, and developing a marketing opportunity for every individual who has a passion to become part of our program.

Our view is to involve communities to grow their own herbs by providing them the necessary resources, and supply our shop locally as well as selling their produce and plants to the public in a confirmed market space.

Another objective we have set for ourselves is to assist in the local animal shelters and form a club of dog walkers to help alleviate kennel animals’ pent up energy.

Turtle House has great vision of expansion for both human and animals for the future and by supporting us, you aid in the future development of our communities.

We hope to see our dreams realize with your help.